Crowns and Bridges

At Dream Smiles Dental we offer aesthetic, highly durable, extremely strong crowns and bridges.

This Month Website Special Only.  Zirconia Crown for $1180.  Price includes consultation, X rays ( No Hidden Fees ) and 5 year Replacement Warranty. Limited time offer.

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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is an artificial tooth or cap that covers a tooth that has been weakened by decay. It provides beautiful aesthetics and reliable support.

Dental crowns are excellent choices to help support teeth that have undergone root canal treatment. They are also great for patients who have heavily filled teeth or have severely worn teeth.

Our practice uses the best materials for Dental Crowns. All our crowns are made by the best dental technicians. These crowns do not contain any metal and therefore does not show any black areas around the gum line. At dream smiles dental we have the right equipment and technology to colour match accurately.

Dental crowns we offer in our practice include;

Zirconia Ceramic Crown – $1600 (This Month Website Special $1180) 

Zirconia has very high strength, highly translucent and natural looking. 

Studies have shown when put through laboratory testing, zirconia restorations had higher bending strength than porcelain.

IPS Emax ceramic crown – $1400                                                                   

Very strong and exceptional aesthetics. Matches natural teeth very closely. Mainly used for front teeth.

PFM Crowns – $1500

Mainly used for back teeth who have undergone root canal treatment. Porcelain masks metal backing and provides good aesthetics.

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Dental Bridges

A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. Teeth on either side of the gaps are reduced to allow crowns to be fitted. Porcelain span is then attached to these crowns to replace missing teeth.

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