Zirconia Ceramic Crown – For long lasting and Broadened Smiles

Date posted: 2019-06-14

A gap in your teeth can be a challenging concern, especially with the front teeth. You may face problem in case of biting, smiling, or eating certain things. Hence, finding a concrete solution is necessary to solve this issue. Perhaps, the best way to get away with this problem is to opt for dental crown or a denture.

Ceramic crown – The widely used dental bridge

As the name suggests, dental bridges act as a bridge in between the teeth. They are prosthetic fillers that fill the gap and consist of diverse materials like porcelain, ceramic, and metal alloys like gold in their composition. Here is more insight into ceramic crown.

Notably, ceramic crown gives an extremely appealing appearance to your teeth. This superior quality crown lasts for a longer period. Specifically, the Zirconia ceramic crown is one of the most recognised types of dental crown and has several advantages.

  • Guards weak teeth from breaking or to grip together cracked teeth
  • Holds dental bridge
  • Covers dental implant
  • Helps to keep facial muscles as well as jaws in shape
  • Enables you to chew, pronounce, and bite properly
  • Gives support to the tooth which large filling
  • Improves the look of stained teeth

Process of implanting Zirconia Ceramic Crown

This treatment needs an appropriate agreement with your dentist in West Pennants Hills or elsewhere. Depending on the procedure you are opting, the time will vary. In your first visit, for the dental bridge treatment, an adjacent tooth is prepared to be crowned which incorporates partial removal of enamel layer. This in turn allows an adhesive to fasten on it and create room for crown. In this visit only, the dentist will take impression of the teeth is to allow for designing of artificial teeth. Moreover, temporary bridge acts as a pre-set to guard the already primed segment.

During the second visit to your dentist, the dentist will substitute your temporary bridge with the permanent one, which is well set and adjusted accordingly. Such dental visits intend at checking out the progress and managing the issues that may arise.

Look for a dentist west pennants hills

It is very normal for people to look forward for dental services in West Pennants Hills. In addition to Zirconia ceramic crown, these setups also offer several other dental services such as Cosmetic dentistry, Preventive dentistry, Restorative dentistry, Laser Whitening, Periodontics, Orthodontics, and lot more. So all you need is to look for your requirement and get your smile back.

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